Margot Leighton & Tim Nikolsky “Redemption” CD Launch


Listen to “Redemption” here

Margot Leighton & Tim Nikolsky launch their new CD “Redemption” at the Martini Bar, on the corner of Collins and Swanston streets in Melbourne, on Sunday 1st May 2011 at 5pm. “Redemption” by Margot Leighton & Tim Nikolsky effortlessly combines jazz, lounge, samba, motown and swing. Margot Leighton shines on this magnificently produced, all-original, fantastic collection of 14 originals.
Respected Jazz Broadcaster Steve Robertson described Redemption: “This a CD with some lovely melodies marked by sensitive chord changes and meaningful lyrics. You’ve wisely picked some fine support musicians to give the overall sound a pleasant depth and warmth. This is exactly the kind of recording that more Australian jazz figures should be putting out, accessible and very listenable, but fresh and original at the same time.” Steve Robertson, Jazz Broadcaster.
The Band will feature:
Margot Leighton: Vocals
Tim Nikolsky: Guitar
Ivan Rosa: Double & Electric Bass
George Andrews: Drumkit
Adrian Whitehead: Saxophone & Clarinet
Andy Serpell: Trombone
Craig Smith: Keyboards

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